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St Leonard, Misterton


The Avon Swift Team Ministry: Gilmorton, Peatling Parva, Kimcote cum Walton, North Kilworth, South Kilworth, Misterton, Swinford, Catthorpe, Shawell and Stanford The Patronage of St Leonard Misterton was acquired by gift
Benefice Name

Patronage is exercised by turns: turn 3 belongs to the Lord Chancellor, and turns 1,2,4,5,6 belong to the Avon-Swift Group Team Ministry Patronage Board: 

   The Bishop of Leicester [Chairman]

   The Guild of All Souls 

   The Leicester Diocesan Board of Patronage 

   Robert Richard Dacres Belgrave, Esq.

   The Society for the Maintenance of the Faith


The right to present was suspended in 2011

Patronage information