The Society is governed by a Council that is elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

President Dr Colin Podmore MBE (1st term: 2021-2026)
General Secretary The Revd Philip Corbett (1st term: 2021-2024)
Treasurer Mr Andrew Carter (2021-2024)
Elected by the Trustees Miss Julia Elton DL (2018-2021)
Elected Mrs Anne Gray (2021-2022)
The Revd Canon Geoffrey Harbord (2021-2022)
Mrs Helen Sage (2022)

Christopher Gabriel (2020-2023)
The Revd Owen Higgs (2020-2023)
The Revd Canon Philip Ursell (2020-2023)

The Revd Canon Robert Fayers (1st term: 2021-2024)
The Revd André Hart (2021-2024)
Mrs Vicky Cole (1st term: 2021-2024)

Co-opted Mr Thomas Middleton (2020-2023)
Mr Edward Dobson (2021-2024)
[one further co-option possible]

The Council has power to elect up to five Vice-Presidents. The hold office for life and are not members of the Council. The Vice-Presidents are:

The Revd Paul Benfield
Prof. Ann Chippindale
Dr Brian Hanson CBE (President, 1999-2018)
The Rt Revd Martyn Jarrett

The Society’s Constitution provides that its patronage and assets ‘shall for legal purposes be vested in five Trustees who shall be laypersons’. The current Trustees are:

The President (ex officio)
Prof. Ann Chippindale
Mr Edward Dobson
Miss Julia Elton DL
Mr David Marchese

The Trustees elect one of their number to membership of the Council.

Dr Colin Podmore MBE

The Revd Philip Corbett
General Secretary